People Magazine’s Off The Rack blog discussed Nicole Richie’s maternity fashion today and after I saw the pic of her (on the right) with her fabulous patent leather red (possibly Louboutin?) high heels, a question popped in my head to ask you all. Hence the post title, ‘High Heels While Pregnant? Yay or Nay?’

Personally, I didn’t wear high heels while I was pregnant only because I didn’t like the ‘vibration sensation’ that the heels gave my belly. Do you know what I mean? Like everytime I took a step, my belly jiggled–and I don’t mean an extra flab jiggle, I mean a solid vibration sorta shake. Meh, anyway, it was just bizarre so I didn’t bother with ’em. I stuck with stylish flats and/or kitten heels for work or after work. Naturally, I kept my tops cute while squuuuezing into low, low cut skinny jeans and/or maternity pants (low cut as to not interfere with my belly, feel me?). I was in such denial regarding maternity wear, that I didn’t purchase my first pair of official maternity pants/jeans until I was like 7 months. I know, I know… I’m a nut case.

Anyway, go ‘head and vote. It’d be interesting to see what y’all think: