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There are some surprising ways you can find out a lot about a person that don’t involve a Google search or creeping all of their social media accounts. Just taking a look at a person’s favorite shoe store, preferred mascara or even their regular Starbucks order, can give you plenty of insight into what they’re really like. Your high school style, definitely revealed a lot about you at the time, but it also shows what you’re like as an adult. Whether you were a proud mall goth, or you dressed like a wannabe Mean Girls’ Plastic, this is what your high school style says about what you’re like as an grown-up:

1. PreppyMean Girls So Prepy

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If anyone asks, you are always “fine” and everything is “swell.” You are always calm and composed on the outside, but inside you’re freaking out that there aren’t that many shopping days left before Christmas, you haven’t had a manicure in a month, and you don’t remember the last time you cleaned your place. They’ll never know though, you’ll never complain.

2. PunkyDog Punk

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You often wonder what it would be like if you were born in a different decade, and debate about whether your life would be a lot better or worse. Would you be able to survive with social media? Probably. Could you survive without microwaveable meals? Very unlikely. You have time to debate philosophical things, but definitely don’t have the time to make a chicken curry from scratch.

3. SweatpantsAnna Kendrick Sweatpants

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You don’t believe that anything can ever be “corny.” If someone is referred to as a “major cheese-ball,” you think that the person is sweet. You genuinely love a good (and a bad) pun. You’ve got a good heart and still genuinely want to believe the contestants on the Bachelor are looking for love–and they will find it. They not all just looking for 15 minutes of fame, are they? Not all of them.

4. VintageMarilyn Monroe Chair

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You love rituals and routines. Wednesday night is yoga night, Thursday is when you meet up with your friends, and Saturday morning is when you like to get up early and bake something. You know you shouldn’t be annoyed, but you can’t help feeling irritated when something comes up and it interrupts your nightly dinner, wine, TV, and bubble bath routine.

5. AthleticSporty Spice

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You are always setting new goals for yourself. Most of them are small things, to make the day go by faster. i.e. I’ll finish this research report in three hours, or I’ll walk home in 30 minutes. Even though they’re not that important, you can’t help feeling disappointed if you don’t meet one. However, if you achieve it, you feel quite smug, and your day instantly improves.

6. Logo Obsessed 

The Simple Life Loves It

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You are a DIY queen. If there is a problem, you have your own unique way of mixing things. It doesn’t matter what it is, you will solve it. That’s why your friends always have you on speed dial if they have an issue, whether it’s about relationships or they spilled nail polish over their fave dress. You really should write a book with all of your tips and hacks, but if everyone knew them, would they still come to you for help? You like assisting people, so it doesn’t matter.

7. TrendyClueless

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You love to collect things and think anything can be an objet d’art whether it’s a vintage jacket or a wooden bowl from a flea market. That could be why you have such a difficult time with throwing things out. Even if they don’t seem important or valuable to other people, you know that if you chuck them, you will regret it. It’s better to keep it, just in case. Being prepared is key.

8. Anti-FashionJanis Ian Shall We Not

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You have a very eclectic mix of things you like. When it comes to books, you could be reading a gothic horror novel, then when you’re finished, you might reread Harry Potter for the millionth time, if the latest chick lit book hasn’t come out. Some call your broad tastes random, but you prefer to think of yourself as open and inquisitive. Why like one type of cuisine, when there are so many different ones to choose from?

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