I posted a while ago about my dismay over the sudden return of the wide-leg jean, since I’ve only recently embraced the skinny jean in full (tardy to the party, I know).

Well, now there’s another trend that’s officially back for the masses, not just the fashionistas: high-waisted jeans. According to Racked:

“‘The new fit of the season for women’s denim is the wide leg high waisted flare,’ says Patrick Robinson, the Gap’s EVP of design. ‘This style is a modern interpretation of 70s influence which is a key theme for the spring season.'”

As an aside, are we really going back to the 1970’s? Jesus Christ. I thought we left that behind for good in the 1990’s.

Anyway, if GAP is doing it, you know it’s a trend for reals. And let me say this — I love high-waisted jeans, primarily because I have a high waist. They flatter. But what I’ve finally decided is that in order to be prepared for fashion’s epic, bipolar mood swings (which really just ricochet back and forth between a few styles), I’m just going to buy three really good pairs of jeans — low rise/skinny, high rise/flared, and normal rise/boot cut — and be done with it.

Who’s with me?