Hilary Duff is trying to start a new trend with the black & white cardigan top paired with red jeans and folded short boots (click here to see Hilary Duff picture). It’s amazing how celebrities could look like this and somehow get away with it. If that was you and I on the street, I don’t know how “understandable” the Fashion critiques would be, hehe.

BUT, if you like Hilary Duff’s fall street style, here’s the Style It Less‘ version of Hilary Duff’s Striped Cardigan Top and Red Jeans Look for Less.

Click “read more” to find out….

Black and White Cardigan top, $19.80

Red Skinny Jeans, $24.50 (or this one for $19.80)

Black Bootie, $29.50

Yellow Quilted Bag, $17.80

The yellow bag is just a throw in. Don’t start leaving comments that it doesn’t look exactly like Hilary’s therefore I suck. It’s optional :).

I apologize for not having a picture of Hilary Duff showing exactly her outfit. That’s why I asked you to click the link above. I spent all weekend searching our Image Sources but while the pictures are in abundance, I’m not allowed to use them :(. I’ll keep searching and once I find one that I could use in accordance to our image rules, I’ll add it here. Thanks for your understanding.

(Image : Forever21, WetSeal)