Hipster glasses banned by Brooklyn school.

These are so not OK.

Looking like a nerd has gotten too cool, so an Orthodox Jewish school in Brooklyn has gone and banned your Tina Fey glasses.

According to the New York Post, Borough Park’s Bobover Yeshiva B’Nei Zion recently wrote to parents and asked them to only buy their students simple frameless or wire-frame glasses, because thick-framed glasses of any variety are no longer allowed, whether they’re being worn by hipsters or nerds or just fourth graders.

“What we have to commit ourselves to is we have to stand on top of this and not tolerate the new modernism,” said the school, which has students from grades 4 through 12.

Apparently the students had taken to wearing glasses with relatively thick frames, some of them colorful. And while the school says keeping track of what type of glasses are becoming cool at any given moment is nearly impossible, it’s figured out enough to crack down on “immodest” thick frames, which the school says “give the child a very coarse look.”

“It doesn’t matter what age — a student cannot come to yeshiva with these glasses,” the school said. Parents were told to consider the cost of buying new glasses to replace the now-banned frames as an educational expense.

“Style is not a sin, but the culture is to stay away from new things and to keep them the way they were,” said Nafle Frank, a student at the school who said he didn’t have a problem with the nerd-frame ban.

Eyeglass shops in the area say they’ve been seeing tons of exchanges since the missive went out. One said it had exchanged 30 pairs of glasses in two weeks, and another said school officials actually dropped by to inspect the glasses it was carrying and declare which ones were acceptable and which ones were not.

“They basically said these are the Hasidic ones — and those are not,” a shop employee said.

The school-accepted ones now live in their own private little display case, far away from the immodest nerd glasses.

Via NY Post/Photo: Shutterstock