Historical figures like Queen Elizabeth get modern makeovers from the History Channel Show, "The Secret Life Of ..."

We just can’t get enough of giving famous historical or fictional people modern makeovers.

As a promotion for The Secret Life Of … a new “tongue-in-cheek” history program that gives historical figures the TMZ treatment and tells their stories through the format of a celebrity-chasing tabloid show, the U.K. history channel Yesterday hired digital artists to give famous historical figures modern makeovers. Queen Elizabeth I wound up looking quite a bit like Tilda Swinton dressed as Hillary Clinton, which is not at all a bad thing to look like.

According to the Yesterday Channel Facebook page:

“A powerful no-nonsense female leader, Queen Elizabeth I might have straightened her hair in a powerful-yet-stylish short cropped style. Known for her love of fashion, she would be more likely to wear a bespoke stylish and unique female suit made with rich colours and material.”

She lost her ropes of pearls in the transition, but that orange is a pretty great color on a redhead.

Marie Antoinette didn’t come off quite as well, though. The queen was known for her love of fashion and her envelope-pushing sense of style, but her modern update has her looking more like a generic pretty girl on her way to prom. They even gave her a boob job.

Historical figures like Marie Antoinette get modern makeovers from the History Channel Show, "The Secret Life Of ..."

“Known for being fashionable and changing clothes three times a day, Marie Antoinette is dressed in a modern designer dress. Reported to express how she was feeling through the accessories in her wig, she is wearing a flirty Philip Treacy style hat.
Her three-foot tall hair has been let down and her unusually high forehead concealed with a trendy fringe. Known for her crooked teeth in her youth she has been given a full modern-day orthodontic treatment.
Teased for her small breasts as a teenager, she has been given breast implants. Her modern day portrait also shows her fully made up in colourful make-up.”

Royals do seem to love wearing hats, but that little spray of peacock feathers is hardly up to snuff. And do we really think the Queen of France would drink Jim Beam? It’s cute that she’s drinking bourbon and all, but we suspect she’d probably have more expensive tastes than that.

It’s not just the ladies getting the “What if?” treatment, though. Shakespeare‘s modern update sports a pair of diamond earrings, and Henry VIII has a Valentino-esque orange tan, while Admiral Lord Nelson came out bearing a distinct resemblance to John McCain. Check out the rest of the collection on Buzzfeed.

Via Buzzfeed/Photos: Yesterday