H&M Black Friday

There are lots of reasons to love Black Friday. They include not having to go to work, lots of turkey and pie leftovers and seeing friends and family. Of course we cannot forget about the sales. The Black Friday sales definitely deliver. There are few things that are worth getting up at the crack of dawn on a day off for, but the sales are. H&M always has great deals, but the brand is upping its game this year by releasing a special all-black collection in honor of Black Friday.

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The collection includes clothes for the entire family plus some home pieces. Because we’re talking about H&M and Black Friday, the prices are also really good. Deals start at $4.99. It wouldn’t be Black Friday without some amazing bargains now, would it be?

The Black Friday collection is obviously predominantly black, but note that there are also pops of different shades. For example, a black bomber jacket features white stripes on the arms and tiger appliques. There is also a black crop top with a multicolored metallic thread woven throughout.

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Of course you will have to wait until Black Friday to get the collection. It launches November 25 in stores and online. Like with most Black Friday merch, you know the range will sell fast, so make sure you have a good Black Friday shopping game plan.

The H&M Black Friday collection will launch on November 25 in stores and online.

(Photo: H&M)