When you ask your wife or girlfriend today what’s happening at H&M this year, she’ll probably tell you that Jimmy Choo is bringing in some fabulous stuff this coming November. Us women are probably more focus on the Jimmy Choo shoes we’ll be getting in H&M price tag that we’ll totally ignore the fact that Jimmy Choo is also brining in a Men’s collection. But before we see what Jimmy Choo has to offer in Men’s line, let me show some of the H&M 2009 Autumn/Fall Looks to whet your curiousity.









As you can see, there’s a lot of black with pops of patterns and colors. The trim silhouette trend is very visible as well. I’m not uber-liking the tucked hem in boots styling but it probably depends on your taste. I am not at all sure about the last look either but I sure am loving the layering from all the other looks. I like the knitwear incorporated with the smart casual looks. Not to shabby H&M.

Find an H&M store located near you to get this Fall items and the Jimmy Choo Men’s collection coming soon.

(Images : H&M Press)