Lily McMenamy walks the Fall 2013 Marc Jacobs show topless during NYFW, starting the "holding your own boobs" trend this season

During the most recent NYFW shows, Marc Jacobs unsurprisingly cast celebrity-progeny-model-of-the-moment (non-Tali Lennox divison) Lily McMenamy to walk for his Fall 2013 collection. While we were really into the gritty glam-rock aesthetic of the clothes, we couldn’t help but feel McMenamy (daughter of supermodel Kristen McMenamy) drew the wrong straw.* While she donned some high-waisted shorts, pumps and fishnet gloves, she didn’t get a single additional piece, and hit the runway holding her own breasts. That’s her up there, in case your powers of deduction are lacking (or you didn’t go to Princeton).

Thus, the “holding your own boobs” trend was reborn, so many years after Demi Moore started it all (and Sarah Michelle Geller mocked it on SNL).

Anyway, the currently-happening Russia Fashion Week (a veritable treasure trove of delightful fashions) did Jacobs one better and produced several looks interpreting the holding your own boobs trend:

Topless models on the Ria Keburia during Russia Fashion WeekWe have here two models on the Ria Keburia runway during Russia Fashion Week–Keburia is a Paris-based Georgian designer and her collection was made up of mostly somber blacks and brilliant orange/yellows. Every model wore those sun hats, but only these unlucky few had to forgo shirts.


A model walks the ria keburia runway during Russia Fashion WeekRegardless. Being a model this season looked real cold.

(Photos via Wenn, Getty)

*Whatever, though, she got a Saint Laurent contract.