menswear dog is so cute

Besides watching people physically attack each other in pursuit of discounted waffle irons,  my favorite part of holiday shopping is that obligatory shelf at every department store full of generic man gifts. You know what I’m talking about– wind-up flashlights, screwdrivers, boring striped ties, grandpa mugs that say things like “Old Fart” on them. That shelf is always gonna be there, because there’s always gonna be a man in your life who’s impossible to shop for. You can’t give him the lavender bath salts you’d buy for your aunt or the nail polish you’d give to your girly cousin. Why aren’t there any equivalent “go pamper yourself” presents for guys?

It turns out they do exist– you just have to know where to look. If you’re searching for holiday presents for a fashionable dude in your life, here are 5 awesome picks.

wine dinosaur

1. Wine-O-Saur Wine Bottle Holder from Uncommon Goods, $45.00. If the dude in question has a quirky side and an alcoholic side, this baby will do the trick. It’s designy and decorative, it’s funny, it’s masculine.

shave brush

2. Men’s Shaving Brush from Tweezerman, $12.99. This is perfect for the Ron Swanson type who likes to feel fancy in a no-nonsense, manly-manly way. Throw in the matching stand for $19.95 if you want to take things to the next level of luxury.

tooth cufflinks

3. Real Human Tooth Cufflinks from Etsy, $34.99. If you love a man who loves luxury, get him a fancy-time present that doubles as a reference to The Great Gatsby. Now he can wear the “finest specimen of human molars” just like Meyer Wolfsheim. Everyone’s dream.

menswear dog

4. Menswear Dog 2014 Wall Calendar from Amazon, $12.59. The most dapper of all memes, Menswear Dog combines style and hilarity and ridiculousness. Now you can decorate your wall with photos of a popped-collar puppy.

flannel candle

5. Flannel Candle from Bath and Body Works, $20. Good ol’ B&B has started selling more masculine smelling versions of their ultra-popular candles. My faves are this one and Sandalwood Citrus. Both smell like cologne and both are great cop-out gifts.

It takes a brave warrior to bypass those shelves of generic dude crap. Your fashion-forward brother/boyfriend/dad/friend will surely value any of these picks a lot more than a Christmas-colored screwdriver.

Featured photo via Amazon