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If you celebrate a big holiday this season, I hope you’ve been shopping already! Hanukkah already started, and Christmas is just around the corner, and the chances of finding a better deal than the ones you’ve already found are getting slimmer by the day. But while we’re all being very grown-up and thoughtful and thinking of cool presents to get our friends and families, I think secretly most of us have an inner 6-year-old who really just wants to know what she will be getting this year, thank you very much. (My inner 6-year-old is Eloise.)

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So in the spirit of good old seasonal selfishness, what do you want this year? Maybe it’s something you’ve asked for, or hinted at, or are hoping to get, or just something that you have stuck on your Pinterest board for “things to buy at the after-Christmas sales.” Whatever you’re coveting–whether a gift to you from yourself or from someone else–let us know. Heck, we all need to add some fantasy purchases to our lists, right?

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Most of my Christmas list is the same as it was when I was 8: Just cash and a pony. But right now I’m kind of in love with this embroidered hand belt by Vivetta. I feel like it would go with literally everything I own. At $195 for a belt, it’s kind of crazily out of my price range, but I was keeping an eye on it at the Black Friday sales. No luck with that one, but I’m crossing my fingers that it will hit a somewhat more reasonable price after Christmas, preferably at a point when alcohol has put the financially responsible part of my brain to sleep for a few days.

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Full disclosure: I wear pajamas almost exclusively. Last year I received a lovely pair from Splendid as a Christmas present, and I do not think I have taken them off in 300 days. They’re so comfy! And they look nice, so wearing them feels less shlubby than sitting around in stained sweat pants, which is what I do when my nice pajamas are in the wash. I like them so much I decided I need another pair for laundry days, and I particularly like the retro stylings of this black and white piped set.

Now I feel a little bad because all my ideas are in the “ridiculously expensive” range. I’m just not too creative. I can always use more lipstick. Or shampoo. And I would actually, unironically really like a Starbucks card. But I have so much stuff already, I can’t really think of much that I need, possibly besides a copy of Mari Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which I will not read, but which will sit on my coffee table and judge me.

What is on your list this year? Go ahead, fantasize. A good wish list doesn’t have to be realistic to be fun.