will-smith-iamlegend.jpgI’ve always loved Will Smith‘s fashion sense. Well except for the time he left Philly to move in with Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv in Bel-Air and he started calling himself the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air :) . But then again, the multi-colored shorts, and flashy graphic shirt with a baseball hat worn sideways were how the Urban Hip-Hop fashion used to roll. Post Fresh Prince era, Will Smith has morphed into one of the most Hollywood Stylish Men. I’m guessing his wife Jada has something to do with it ;) . The way he wore this long sleeves collared shirt with jeans cuffed in the hem with black shoes is effortless. He looks good and all he had to do is be charming as he always is. It’s no wonder he’s one of my 50 Most Stylish Men and one of PEOPLE magazine sexiest men alive in 2007.

*Image Source : Popsugar