So, this is awkward.

A model/fashion blogger named Pelayo Diaz has attracted a bit of negative attention after deciding to use the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin (exact translation: “Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe”) as a fun backdrop for his personal style selfies.

As you can see, he cozied right on up to that memorial as he combined the “hafta go potty” and the “coy lookaway,” two of the personal style blogging community’s greatest assets. That big, grey Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe really made his “Davidelfin biker coat, American Apparel hoodie, Céline bag and Balenciaga shoes” pop, n’est-ce pas?

Writes Pelayo:

“Hello from one of the top five most incredible places I’ve ever been. I wanted to visit The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe ever since it got inaugurated in 2005 and the wait was definitely worth it. I can’t really describe how it feels to walk between concrete blocks trying to reach the sky but the good thing is that is that it doesn’t make you think about the past, only the future, and that’s something I love being involved with.”

God forbid a memorial to six million murdered Jewish people—i.e. two fucking thirds of us—should make someone think about something so gauche as the past. To dwell on such nastiness would only invite negativity into his life and put him in a dangerously unchill mood. Do you even know how much sage he’d have to burn? The Holocaust Memorial is to be appreciated for its clean lines and sparse, post-industrial energy only.

I think it’s time to make a few general rules of thumb for the fashion industry so this kind of thing stops happening. For instance: if something has to do with a tragedy in which one or more people suffered to a greater degree than one does on the Blueprint Cleanse, maybe consider taking your luxury item wankfest elsewhere.

(Via Jezebel)

Photo: KateLovesMe