Being homeless is so hot right now! I mean, why else would everybody be doing it? You get to wear cool shabby clothes, have a ton of fun with layers, and go all Eat Pray Love by paring down your earthly possessions to only what can fit in a shopping cart. It’s not like it’s totally scary and shitty to be homeless, or like it’s something that happens to people very much against their will. It’s basically like going to a giant street party that never ends.

Failing to heed the backlash that happened the last time someone attempted this kind of thing, German Vogue has published a global recession themed editorial called “Signs of the Time” that attempts to harness some of that derelicte chic. Like I’ve said, there’s a way to use fashion photography to comment on serious issues, but this is not it.

(Via FashionCopious)

Photos: German Vogue