I’m a clothing swap fashionista.  Thankfully in New York City I have plenty of opportunities to get my swap on.  I’ve written about how clothing swaps work here on Hot Mama Daily, so hopefully you’ve had a chance to experience this recession busting way to shop.  

Xhilaration Tonia wedge sandals, $19.99

Xhilaration Tonia wedge sandals, $19.99

This weekend I went to a clothing swap in Brooklyn at an outdoor art and event space called the Brooklyn Yard.  The swap was well-organized with garments hanging on clothes pins; a DJ spinning funky new wave and hip-hop beats; and vendors selling Mexican food, beer, and fruit.  

I brought a bag of unwanted clothing in good condition and came home with a blue Ikea tote full of cool finds including a brand new pair Xhilaration “Tonia” wedge sandals from Target with the tags still attached.  The celery green shoes came out last spring and retail for $19.99, but I got them for free!  I don’t wear heels, but these funky wedges have certainly inspired me to try.  

So if you’re still paying regular retail prices, stop shopping and start shopping. Search social networking websites like Meetup.com and Going.com to find swaps in your area.

Image credit: Target