The idea is appealing to me, but I’ve never been to a door buster at 4 or 5 am in the morning.  I doubt I’ll be up that early, but my plan is to hit up my favorite stores before noon. Here are some of the deals I’m ready to pounce on:

Get ready for Black Friday deals!

Get ready for Black Friday deals!

At H&M, get 25% off the item of your choice from opening until 10 am.

Old Navy will open at 3 am and rumor has it the store’s will be giving away a LEGO Rock Band video game with your $20 purchase.  Supplies, of course, are limited.

Target opens at 5 am on Friday and everything from electronics to toys and clothing will be on sale.

More than clothes, this Hot Mama also needs a new couch and desk.  So if you hear of any furniture deals, let me know!

Image credit: JC Penney