I like to keep things lighthearted here at Hot Mama Daily and all of the women who made this list should know they’re still loved. Everyone has a hot mess moment or two — theirs just happened while most of us were watching:


1) Janet Jackson cancels many of her “Rock Wit U” tour dates amidst rumors that she’s pregnant. There’s also speculation that poor tickets sales prompted the cancellations. Personally, I think she finally got a good glimpse of her not-ready-for-tour-time physique in that weird body suit and decided the show must not go on. The silly faux hawk didn’t help.

2) Danity Kane breaks up. Well, sort of. I’m a huge fan of “Making the Band,” and the girl group’s “Damaged” was the jam of the year.

So now that Diddy has kicked Aubrey and D. Woods to the curb, what will become of the pop/R&B stars? Rumor has it that Dawn will go solo and Diddy’s pretty but talent-less girlfriend Cassie will become DK’s “lead singer.” Watch this You Tube clip from a brokenhearted fan that sums up the whole hot mess.

3) Jennifer Lopez claims an ankle injury forced her to abruptly cancel her coveted guest judge spot on the Season Finale of “Project Runway.” That’s funny, all La Lopez had to do was sit in a chair and critique fashion. Just two days later, however, her foot miraculously healed and she completed a triathalon in Los Angeles. J. Lo is a real Hot Mama, but sometimes she’s such a diva.

4) Tyra Banks is the most likeable ego-maniac on TV. She has dual, self-promoting platforms with “Top Model” and the “Tyra Banks Show.” This clip from the latter where she’s taking a bubble bath and speaking in a strange baby voice about how she loves supermodel Beverly Johnson so much she has a framed picture of herself and Johnson above her bath tub — while not as full-on crazy as her “Kiss my fat a**” moment — clearly warrants her inclusion on this list.

5) Drum roll please…And the Hot Mama Hot Mess Award of the Year goes to Sherri Shepherd from “The View.” Among Sherri’s many head-scratching moments (she admitted she’d had more abortions than she could count) was when she thought the 11 Pipers Piping in “The 12 Days of Christmas” were plumbers. Oh, Sherri.

What are your fave hot mess highlights of 2008?

Photo credits: Newscom, AP, ABC News