Eva Mendes. Love her.  The stunning actress is one of the best dressed women in Hollywood. The only problem is, Eva’s becoming better known for her fashion sense than for her movie roles.  Did anyone see “The Spirit?” Unfortunately, I did. 


Eva Mendes at the Venice Film Festival.

Eva Mendes at the Venice Film Festival.


Yet, on the red carpet the Cuban beauty rarely disappoints.  Here’s Eva at the opening ceremony of the 66th Venice Film Festival.  She was in Italy to promote her movie, “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans” co-starring Nicholas Cage and Val Kilmer.  Not a bad gig.

I like (but don’t love) Eva’s sexy red leopard print dress, and her super high heeled black pumps are hot.  While her ensemble is certainly festive, I’m not sure it’s formal enough for the event.  And this usually fresh face star looks a bit weathered.  But hey, it’s a long flight to Venice.

What do you think?  Does Eva look Hot or Not?

Image credit: Bauer-Griffin