Jessica Alba appears to have shaken off her glum “Miser Alba” nickname, and is all smiles  at the premiere of “Valentine’s Day.”  And seeing the stunning star look genuinely pleased makes what I have to say a little difficult. But here goes.

Jess, what the heck are you wearing?  I’m all for making funky fashion statements, however, wearing multiple trends at once rarely works.

Is Jessica Alba color blind?

Let’s start with the dress.  It’s a cute bubble dress with a green check/plaid print.  But for the life of me I can’t understand why she would pair it with black tights and blue, peep toe boots that look like they were left over from a KISS Army fan club meeting.

I like the dress and sort of like the boots (worn with a simple black dress they might successfully add a splash of color), but not together.

What do you think of Jessica’s mix-and-not-matched outfit?  Is is Hot or Not?

Image credit: Bauer-Griffin