It’s been a minute since I’ve seen photos of model-turned-actress Joy Bryant at a red carpet event. The fresh-faced beauty still looks great… from the waist up.

Joy looks great...from the waist up.

Joy's face could launch a thousand ships.

Ahoy, Joy!

Joy's sheath belongs on a pirate ship. Ahoy, matey!

What’s with this gypsy/lady pirate outfit?  I don’t like the one-shoulder exposed-and-one-shoulder-covered-with-a-baggy-sleeve, the fabric looks cheap, and the ill-fitting style doesn’t flatter Joy’s thin frame.

Plus, the chain belt, patterned tights, and gladiator heels are overkill.  If Rachel Zoe is still Joy’s stylist, it’s time she start taking fashion advice from someone else.

But there I go being harsh again.  What do you think of Joy’s look?  Is it Boho chic or should she save it for her 2010 Halloween costume?

Image credit: Bauer-Griffin