Singer Monica Arnold is a beautiful young woman.  But what happened to the fresh face gal from “The Boy Is Mine,” her friendly competition duet with Brandy?  In these photos, taken on the red carpet at the BET Honors award show (airing Feb. 9 at 9 p.m. on BET), Monica looks like she tried on too many makeup samples at the Macy’s MAC counter.  Mistake #1: The eye shadow is overdone and her eyebrows too severely arched (read my post on how to get perfect brows).  

Perhaps Monica’s dramatic makeup would have worked if her black ensemble weren’t so over the top. Mistake #2: Entirely too many gold chains.  Was Mr. T having a yard sale?  Mistake #3: Long black leather gloves with gold bracelets worn over them?  I get that Monica was going for a biker chic or Goth glam look, but I don’t think the outfit works. With softer makeup and one bold piece of jewelry, the singer would have been a stunner in this otherwise elegant, strapless black gown.

But this is merely my not-so-humble opinion.  What do you think of Monica’s red carpet look?  Is it hot or not?

Photo credits: Newscom