It’s award season and the stars are hitting the red carpet dressed to impress.  Inevitably, there will be a few misses to accompany the fashion hits.  I loved up-and-coming actress Taraji P. Henson’s portrayal of Brad Pitt’s adoptive mother, “Queenie,” in the excellent “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”  For that moving portrayal, Henson recently received a Best Supporting Actress nod at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

I’m certain that Henson, who also stars in the film “Not Easily Broken” (see the above clip) with perennial hottie Morris Chestnut deserved the nomination, but I’m not sure about her dress selection for the award ceremony.  The dress’s silver/metallic color complements Taraji’s honey skin tone, however the frayed edges are peculiar.  And although it seems to be a favorite with female celebs, I’m not a fan of the pushed up, bondage breast look.

What do you think?  Is Tajari’s red carpet look hot or not?

Image credit: Newscom