This fall, when looking for a new pair of shoes, I promised myself I wouldn’t buy a pair of suede shoes. The soft fabric can be so enticing and wintry, but it’s just impractical for life in the city. I’m tough on my shoes – and I always seem to get caught in the rain.

Ultimately, however, the pair of chocolate brown suede booties were too good to walk away from. I loved their round toe and low heel, and the way the suede fabric slouched over the top just so. My foot slipped into them with a satisfying “whup” and they clacked along the sidewalk in a way that I loved.

The first night I wore them, I paired them with ankle length brown leggings and a bright blue dress. I felt instantly sexy the minute I put on my new shoes. And whether it was the shoes, the outfit or the confidence I felt wearing them, as soon as I walked out the door, I noticed the stares. And the catcalls. It was incredible, but the shoes easily doubled – or tripled – any male attention I would normally get. It was shocking how much interest just this one pair of brown suede booties could draw. I had recently broken up with a boyfriend, and the shoes did wonders for my suddenly single self-esteem.

In the winter, when I covered up with long coats, when anyone could only see my body from the knee down – including the shoes – I still got attention from men on the street. “Hey gorgeous,” they would say (among other things) as I walked confidently by.

I felt desirable, and so I started wearing them on dates, or out on nights when I wanted to impress or pick up a guy. I would wear them to work when I needed extra confidence. And eventually they got a track record — every time I wore them I had success, with guys or otherwise.

The last time I wore them, I tucked in a pair of skinny jeans and wore a t-shirt. Simple enough. As I walked to work, I happened to pass a crew fixing a street, with a man driving a bulldozer. “You almost made him crash,” the guy conducting traffic with neon orange flags yelled at me as I walked by.

The shoes strike again.

Amanda Ernst is Deputy Editor of, TheGloss’ sibling site.