Alisa is the first one up for a makeover on the new season of How Do I Look? When she meets with the show’s host, she says even her bra is purple Yowza. Alisa is a beautiful woman with a great figure for her age, so I’m anxious to see her change her style for the better. There are three accomplices on How Do I Look? Alisa’s friend, her son, and a professional stylist named Tom. Joann is Alisa’s friend and co-worker. And she holds nothing back I love it Luckily, Alisa and Joann are good enough friends that the things Joann says don’t make Alisa flinch. I love her confidence, and she’s going to wear clothes well once she gets a hang of how to style herself.


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Funnily enough, the host, Jeannie Mai’s own mother is also a purple lover. Jeannie says her mom wears purple acrylic nails, purple dreads, purple glitter, purple eye shadow…the list goes on. Why she said this in front of Alisa is beyond me because it only adds fuel to the fire. Jeannie shows the three accomplices Alisa’s pile of purple clothes. She lets a tube suck up all of Alisa’s purple goodies. I feel so bad during this portion of makeover shows. That’s a person’s clothes Even if we don’t love them, they do, and it isn’t our place to get rid of them just because they’re unsightly. If that were the case we’d be tearing clothes off people’s back in public settings.

Here comes the good part. The three accomplices go shopping for Alisa, and pick out a hairdo and makeup look for her. Alisa will choose one of these three for her final makeover looks. Alisa says she won’t go for anything that isn’t purple. Because of this Jeannie arms Alisa with black-and-white vision, which will void any color from the apparel she looks at. This forces Alisa to appreciate the clothes for the shapes and styles they are, not the color.

Alisa checks out the three accomplice collections. The first collection, selected by Alisa’s son, is a bust, and hardly anything flatters Alisa. If Style Network is reading this, please give Alisa’s friend, Joann, her own show, as her comments as Alisa walks out are priceless The second collection is from Joann. Alisa nixes the red wrap dress Joann chose for her, but the other looks are winners. The third collection is very nice, but perhaps a little too fashion-forward for someone in Alisa’s position. Like Jeannie said earlier, she has to crawl before she can walk. That said, Alisa is loving a lot of Tom’s collection, including the leopard dress and says that Joann’s wig would blow off she saw her in it LOL

Now it’s time for hair and makeup. We don’t know what hairstyle Alisa is going to get, and just go through a montage of her hair and makeup makeover. When Alisa’s new look is revealed, she looks drop dead amazing Clad in the leopard dress the stylist chose, she sports long wavy hair like Beyonce and natural makeup with a burgundy lip. Whoa It is a totally different look, but it’s definitely for the better Alisa’s husband is going nuts and so is her friend, Joann. As cheesy as these makeover shows can be, I love seeing the reveal when the makeover recipient’s confidence skyrockets. Alisa already had superb confidence, so taking it up a notch thanks to killer styling is just the icing on the cake

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