Miley Cyrus is auctioning off her wardrobe to help benefit Get Ur Good On. It’s a youth based charity, and, on the surface, it seems like a great way for Miley to rehabilitate her party-girl image. However, some people beg to differ. The New York Post remarks “who would want their daughter wearing these duds?” and “shouldn’t Miley’s first act of public service involve burning all these garments and giving America’s women a classier wardrobe to lust after?”

Maybe. I’m not so much worried about the fact that Miley wears trashy stuff (because dressing in as little clothing possible is a time honored tradition of pop stars) as I am about the fact that whoever buys this will not be Miley Cyrus. Miley can look good in this stuff because she’s 17 and a famous pop star, who presumably has a team of nutritionists working to keep her looking like someone who can run around in tiny outfits onstage. I’m not sure how this stuff is going to look offstage on the 30 year old Miley fan who can afford to buy it at auction. But I have a hunch. And that hunch is: it will look nuts.

But hey, maybe they can give it to their 17 year old daughter. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to wear this to school because they have a dress code. She won’t be wearing it to the clubs, either, because she’s 17.

Seriously – who exactly is going to be wearing this? I’m genuinely perplexed on how it works on anyone who isn’t Miley Cyrus.