Every bra-wearing lady knows the rules for the proper care of lingerie: you’re supposed to wash your bras by hand, in cold water, in the evenings, while waiting for your home perm to set and a man to put a ring on your finger. But does anybody really do that?

I’ll admit that this question is born out of my own insecurity, because I wash my bras on handwash in the washing machine. Even as we speak, they’re in there, and goddamit, they’re not even in a lingerie bag.

The reason I do them in the machine is that honestly, if I waited until I felt the urge to wash my bras by hand, they would never get washed. That is the sad truth. I’m really lazy that way.

So, what about you? Are you a lazy piece like me, or do you actually sit there, outside, with a basin and birds alighting on your shoulder, singing in a high soprano and washing your bras by hand?

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