There’s been some outrage over 11 year old fashion designer Cecila Cassini’s appearance on the Nate Berkus show. The Hairpin writes in Fashion Child is Horrible, “It’s generally not smiled upon to call children horrible, because they are young and sweet and weak, but here’s an interesting young woman.” Gawker says, ” in, oh, twenty or so years, all the children will be dead, replaced with tiny, horrible adults who design fashions and sunglasses. Children of Men is basically real! Just in a different way than we originally thought.”

Well, wait a second. She may not be that media trained, but she’s 11. She’s a fashion designer. And not in the way that all kids try to design “fashion” out of toilet paper or something. She has a collection. She designs for Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene. And she seems, well, okay, it’s not my personal style, because I can’t pull off that much shimmer, but she seems like a completely valid, competent fashion designer. If I were nine, I’m sure I’d make a bee-line for those sequined dresses. And she’s doing this at 11. That’s amazing. When I was 11 my dream was to create a machine that made sandwiches out of pipe cleaners (I can’t explain it).

Does she seem like she’s a weird little miniature adult? Does she remind me more of one of the Real Housewives of wherever than some average pre-teen? Yeah. But that’s because she’s not average, and it’s stupid to treat her as though she is.

Look at the bitchface she gives him when Nate Berkus is like “oh, just be a kid, honey!” Her mouth says “Yes! I will!” but her face says “yeah, fuck you Nate Berkus, I’m going to go sit next to Karl Lagerfeld, okay? He asked for a valet when he was four. He gets me.” That bitchface alone should be enough to make her somewhat likable.