In a recent interview with Stylelist, designer Chris March waxed poetic about dresses made with human hair. He’s designed a number of them since first debuting one on “Project Runway,” and claims that they’re now all the rage among the Hollywood elite. Jennifer Lopez has worn one, he gushes, as has Lady Gaga (doesn’t really count, though, honestly).

For those of us who aren’t a Gaga or even a Lopez, though, the truth is that we probably shouldn’t be wearing human hair dresses at all. Honestly, for what occasion…? And where would a regular civilian even find such a frock?

But should you suddenly find yourself the proud owner of a gown comprised partly or wholly of luscious locks, March would like you to know that you need little else to make the outfit pop:

What’s your advice for how to wear a human hair dress?
Bring some hairspray and a comb! I think that they’re generally showpieces, so I don’t think you need a lot of accessories.