skb-love-icon.jpgIf you’re a blogger, like everyone online is pretty much, then you have an online outlet to show how romantic you are to your wife/gf on her birthday or your anniversary. So here’s a page from my husband’s book of romantic tips that you guys might be interested in on how to be a romantic blogger.

Wake up at 2:30am
Turn your computer on
Login to your WordPress/Blogger/MovableType account
Search Google for a “happy birthday” image
Save the img to a folder, then upload to the WordPress/Blogger/MovableType
Type a “birthday greeting” entry post to your wife/gf
Don’t forget to add how a wonderful wife she is :)
Attach the image to the post
Shamelessly plug her own blogs in the post
Open PSP, create an animated gif saying “I love you _____, Happy Birthday
Upload the animated gif to WordPress/Blogger/MovableType and attach it at the bottom of the post
Go back to sleep
When your wife wakes up, silently wait for her to discover the Birthday post you wrote on your blog.

There you go. Now of course this will only work if your wife is also a blogger and she happens to have a feed of your blogs on her personal blog. That’s how I discovered my birthday greetings. He was wondering how long I’d find it but he didn’t know I have a widget box in my sidebar showing his blog’s feeds. You know, I try to pimp his blogs out as much as I can :).

If she’s not a blogger but still likes to go online, You can still do this by making a screensaver. When she turns the computer on, she’ll see it right away. Isn’t that romantic? In this day and age of computer and blogging, it sure is :) . Kinda cheesy but definitely romantic.

Happy New Year!!