marcjacobs-irregular-navyblue-blazer.jpgSo now that you’ve learned that you must absolutely have a navy blue blazer, you’d want to learn how to pull it off with jeans. The blazer with jeans combo is pretty much considered a 21st-century classic. A lot of male celebrities have pulled this off quite successfuly. Well some of them anyway. Justin Timberlake is one of them. He epitomizes the blazer and jeans look, in my opinion. Due to this, you might feel you must as well embrace it and pull it off yourself. From the subtle approach to the bold one, you can’t go wrong. Unless you missed this post :)

A blazer over a collared shirt with jeans and loafers or sneakers is a good way to start.

Spruce up a navy blue blazer by wearing a gingham-check shirt. For texture, add a knit-tie. Wear a dark wash jeans for an added contrast.

Go bold by opting for a velvet-corduroy blazer with moleskin pants and suede loafers. Texture, texture, texture, texture. That’s how a well-dressed man does it :) .

*MARC by Marc Jacobs “Irregular” Herringbone Blazer

*DETAILS Men’s Style Manual