Let’s say you’re naked. Maybe there’s a crew of photographers there too, or maybe it’s just you and your stuffed animals. Either way, you want to look your best, and you don’t want to accessorize inappropriately. How to proceed?

Well, we had the chance to pose this very question to women who are naked professionally last night, at the 50th Anniversary of the Playboy Club held at Playhouse Hollywood. Playmate Nicole Voss (link NSFW), who co-hosted the event with Playmate Tiffany Taylor, told us that anything that makes your legs look longer is the way to go. “Heels!” she said. “Ones that make me very tall. I’m only 5’5.” Turns out that heels are an industry standard — when we posed the same question to Taylor, we got the same answer, only a little more specific. “Christian Louboutins,” she said.

OK, so that’s that. But let’s say you have on a little more clothing. Let’s say, for instance, you have on a bunny outfit, like the Playboy Club waitresses at the event. Then what? Surely more accessories than heels are required?

Most of the waitresses were wearing simple black pumps, although a few got bold and zipped on some knee-high boots. We also noted a pair of black thigh-high stockings — purchased, we found out, at Bed Behavior — and plenty of massive rhinestone rings placed conspicuously on left-hand ring fingers. But one bunny was kind enough to give it to us straight. The best accessory for a bunny suit? “Boobies!”