All of them are applying for jobs at Slate.

The idea of interns wearing skimpy clothing is, in itself, nothing new. Interns have been kind of sexy since Bill Clinton was in office, honestly. But the term IS new! Over at Slate, Katherine Goldstein writes: 

Skintern is a term I first heard from a male colleague who disapproved of the yearly ritual of scantily-clad young women showing up to do summer internships at our company.

If he disapproved that much, he shouldn’t have given them such an awesome name.

Surely, I am not the only person who thinks that a “skintern” sounds like a member of a really cool club, like the one Rizzo was in in Grease. I think it sounds either like that, or a member of a super cool alien tribe. Or maybe it sounds like a namefor whatever kind of mutant Mystique was, in X-Men.

In any event, it sounds really cool.

Skinterns fear nothing. They are truly alive. The air rushes upon their skin whenever someone walks by their cubicle, but they’re not chilly, they’re fine.

Who would not want to be a skintern!?

According to the Slate article to be a skintern you need:

  • Dresses so clingy they leave nothing to the imagination
  • Tops worn without a bra and tied together with string (Difficult. Napkin?)
  • Daisy dukes
  • Sheer harem pants (neat idea! Like an I Dream of Jeanie thing!)
  • Sexy over the knee lace-up boots
  • 4 inch heels
  •  Sheer shirts, dresses, or pants.
  • Mini-dresses, mini-skirts, short-shorts, halter-tops, and half-shirts
  •  Glittery platform sandals

And, I guess, in addition to all of that, a wonderful willingness to be free, and be yourself. Go. You wear those glittery platform sandals. Dance upon your desk in them lie no one is watching. You fear nothing. You are a skintern.

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