Luncheon at the Boating Party. 1880-1881

In the 1800’s when Impressionists ruled, artists like Pierre-Auguste Renoir took the modern day society in which he lived and immortalized it on canvas. Men and women clad in proper attire on the streets and riverbanks were fodder for Renoir’s work and to this day his paintings still inspire.

The artist came a long way from his early years working in a porcelain factory in a small village in France to being able to finally see his masterpieces in the Louvre shortly before his death. If only all artists were so lucky as to see just what sort of impact their work had on future generations and the world as a whole.

So why Renoir, you ask? It’s his birthday, that’s why! On February 25, 1841, Renoir was born in Limoges, Haute-Vienne, France. Before his death 78 years later, he would redefine how we view beauty and with his keen eye for feminine sensuality, although his subjects are often dressed, each one is sexy in her own way. Of course, there are his nudes, too, but we’re going to focus on the fashion aspect. You never know when one of your friends is going to call you up and invite you to a Renoir-inspired luncheon, so let’s help you prepare in case that day just happens to be tomorrow.