Kenzo Sweatshirt(GIF: Tumblr)

Sweatshirts used to be pieces of clothing that you strictly wore when you were lounging around the house watching box sets. Some people would only wear them out of the house if they were very sick and in desperate need of cold medicine and didn’t have the energy to put on something else. All that has changed thanks to the popularity of the high-fashion sweatshirt.

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We now see as many sweatshirts in Fashion Month street style photos as we do clashing prints and designer handbags. You can get fancy beaded sweatshirts, ones that mix unexpected materials and you can get designer ones that cost as much as your rent.

Gone are the days when sweatshirts were only worn with an old pair of dirty sweatpants. The embellished sweatshirts are easy to dress up thanks to their eye-catching details but you can dress up your favorite basic sweatshirt just as easily. Don’t believe me? I’ll show you. I’ve chosen a Topshop Boutique Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt ($88, Nordstrom) for the following outfits because it is a good basic sweatshirt that is similar to ones that most people have in their wardrobes.

Scroll down to see different ways you can dress up your favorite sweatshirt:Sweatshirt Brunch Outfit

The perfect brunch outfit is chic but still comfortable. You don’t want to go from your pajamas to a restrictive dress, so your sweatshirt is perfect. Add some interest with a pair of printed wide-leg trousers and a floppy hat. A statement necklace and a pair of wedges complete the look.

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Sweatshirt Shopping Outfit

You could run errands in your sweatshirt and the sweatpants you’ve had in your closet forever but this look is more sophisticated. It has a timeless quality but it is created with modern pieces. Wear your basic sweatshirt with a pair of printed cropped trousers. If it is chilly, you can layer a contrasting turtleneck underneath. Use the cropped trousers to show off an interesting pair of loafers.

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A lot of your go-to pieces for date night work with your sweatshirt. Add your favorite leather pants (real or faux) and a sexy pair of cutout heels. For chilly nights, you can even layer your shaggy fur vest over top of the whole look.

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Sweatshirt Going Out Outfit

You can absolutely wear a sweatshirt to go out provided the place you’re going to doesn’t have a ridiculously strict dress code. The best way to take your sweatshirt from day to evening is with a metallic pencil skirt. Accessorize with a statement necklace, strappy shoes and a shimmery bag.

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