Turkey. Sweet potatoes. Cranberries. Stuffing. Thanksgiving is awesome for your belly, but not so awesome when you have to wear elastic waist pants because they’re the only thing that fits your belly. Luckily, though, the New York Daily News says it’s now acceptable to wear sweatpants. As long as they’re really expensive designer sweatpants with studding on them, obviously.

The tastemaker crowd has embraced soft, slouchy, cozy styles as irreverant and cool, says Susan Cernek, senior fashion editor of Glamour.com. There’s something more palatable about an elastic waistband when it’s got a top-notch designer label inside, says celebrity stylist Robert Verdi.

“A stretch waistband is totally taboo in the world of fashion, but people secretly love it,” he says. “If elastic waistbands were a TV show, they’d be ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey.’ People say they hate it but they have to watch it.”

A designer elastic-waistband moment could go down like this, Verdi adds: “Your friend would say, ‘Oh my God, are you wearing an elastic waist?’ And you’d say, ‘It’s Stella McCartney,’ and then they’d say, ‘They’re fabulous.'”

OK, so let’s apply Verdi’s lesson to real life.

MOM: Honey, are you wearing jeans to church? Your grandmother is going to be horrified!
YOU: It’s okay, Mom. They’re Stella McCartney.
MOM: Oh, well in that case, it’s not blasphemy at all! They’re fabulous!

BOYFRIEND: But it’s our anniversary dinner at Spago. You’re wearing a sweatshirt with paint stains on it!
YOU: It’s okay, honey. It’s Stella McCartney.
BOYFRIEND: Let’s get married, you glamorous fashion plate! They’re fabulous!

BOSS: It is completely inappropriate to wear shorts in the office.
YOU: It’s okay, boss. They’re Stella McCartney.
BOSS: You are totally promotion material. They’re fabulous!