Last week, we talked to Cherry Petenbrink , who designed the wigs for The Hunger Games about how to dye your hair subtly and sensibly. For our readers who hate things that are subtle and sensible, we wanted to offer this guide on how to incorporate Hunger Games fashion into your wardrobe. This bonanza of Hunger Games trivia isn’t coming out of nowhere. It goes without saying that, every day, when I sit down at my desk, I ask myself “what would President Snow do?” – but, also, The Hunger Games is coming out on DVD. Run! Run and buy it, you greedy Capitol child!

Our sister site, Teen, is hosting a contest to coincide with the release, and we’re including a Hunger Games quiz question – hidden somewhere in this gallery, like a trackerjacker of fun – that you’ll need to answer to win. You can figure out the answer by using the Google search function, because we do not live in a horrible dystopia where information is censored.

Now that that’s out of the way, these are our favorite Hunger Games fashion takeaways: