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If you’ve ever read a magazine or the internet, you’re almost certainly aware of the fact you must learn how to look great in underwear if you want to be perceived as a sexual woman. And don’t sit there, thinking you look great already! You don’t.

We’ve reported on the extreme or annoying measures some models go to in order to appear beautiful before runway shows or lingerie shoots, but Agent Provocateur model Elettra Wiedemann seems relatively mild. Relatively. As the new face of Agent Provocateur, Wiedemann had to get herself physically and mentally prepared for her role as the sexpot lingerie model.

She told Harper’s Bazaar UK that she has to work on her head game before getting in front of the camera, which is surprisingly relatable. I have to say “the camera won’t kill you” every time someone tries to take a photo, so this hits home. She says:

“I don’t normally think of myself as sexy, but when I put the AP lingerie on I felt very sexy — in control, seductive and powerful. It’s kind of like a superhero suit, albeit quite a skimpy one!”

It’s funny that she doesn’t see herself as sexy because she is professionally sexy, but it’s nice to hear that even a paid sexpot doubts her sexiness. But obviously this isn’t all about head game—Wiedemann did a diet/exercise routine to gear up for her shoot.

“To prepare I did extra strength work, so weights, and quite a few planks for my core. My diet stayed pretty much the same, except I cut out sugar for the week of the shoot.”

Since most of us don’t plan to be a part of lingerie shoots any time soon, we can be sure to apply these tips to our everyday life. Planning to have someone see you in underwear? Request a week’s lead time so you can cut out sugar (that includes alcohol, you dirt bags), and start doing planks now. You should be planking at all times.
Photo: Agent Provocateur