This is not me, but we like her.

This is not me, but we like her.

By the time you are reading this, I will be shoveling tapas into my mouth at a rate which will cause my family and friends to think, “Crap, do I remember how to do the Heimlich?” Yes Americans and especially New Yorkers, I’m leaving you for Europe. Barcelona to be specific. Sure I’ll be back in a week, but I get it, goodbyes are tough.

Not that I’m complaining, but it seems to me that this is a particularly difficult season in which to pack for a vacation. Frankly, I’m having trouble even dressing myself on a to day-to-day basis, letting alone planning outfits for an entire week. One day you’re shivering on the train, the next you’re covered in sweat because the weather decided to have a temper tantrum and you wore your winter coat. It seems like the weather in Spain will be high fifties / low sixties, but what does that feel like, you know? And most importantly, how am I to account for all of these factors while not looking like a tourist? So I turned to the #1 doctor-recommended treatment for any question of any kind: Reddit. Luckily another girl had a similar question about packing for Europe, and people have spoken.

1. Leave the logos at home.

logoWeepingwithmovement: “As a warning, huge logos on clothing and/or shorts is a dead giveaway that you’re a tourist. It’s not bad to be tourist by any means, but calling attention to yourself will attract pickpockets.”

2. Mind your zippers. 

Hangonlittletamoato: “Bring a ZIPPERED bag, especially for Naples.”

3. Layer, layer, layer.

One brilliant Reddit user Knigoliza made this capsule wardrobe for a week in Europe, and it is right on the money. Light layers are everything this time of year. I would personally bring one pair of black jeans instead, and switch out the other pair for tights, one more skirt, and a different pair of pants.

4. Sandals + Cobblestones = Pain.

cobblestonesblue_goat: “Don’t wear sandals in Rome! At least ones that have no support. I tried that last year, walked all day around the city for 2 days and ended up fucking my foot up. I had a huge bruise (I guess from just walking so much without support because I didn’t do anything else to it) on the top of my foot. It seriously screwed up my trip.”

5. Bring one jacket to rule them all.

Tigzed: “I would recommend one windbreaker or trench, with pockets and hood. If it´s got a removable warm lining, you are all set (Zara Basic currently has a navy one which is great). If not check for something warm (jacket, sweater, denim jacket) you can wear underneath the windbreaker.”

6. Do your research.

If you really want to fit in with the locals, says JulesOnFire, check out some street style photography before you go!

7. Keep it simple.

Weepingwithmovement really knows what she’s talking about: “I found a simple pair of sleek boots on minimalist sneakers went far. Jeans and neutral tops were the norm as well as basic dresses. Your idea of a presentable base layer then layers as needed is actually a lot of what I saw! I would get something that looks sleek and presentable, like dark wash skinnies that can be worn when you get home too.”

Enjoy your trip (in style)! I know I will.