how to pronounce hermes

Ever found yourself in the awkward position of discussing big names in the fashion industry… and realizing you don’t know how to pronounce them? As someone who once spent 20 minutes watching videos of Cara Delevingne saying her own name to make sure I could memorize it, I’m right there with you. Luckily, this video has an A-Z guide to pronouncing everything from Givenchy to Issey Miyake to Proenza Schouler. You’ll never get caught talking about a “HER-mees” Birkin ever again.

In fact, the video description claims that you’re basically three and a half minutes away from becoming Anna Wintour:

This is how top supermodels say these things, so look, listen and learn! Once you’ve mastered all 26, you’ll be ready to stroll confidently into any of the world’s most exclusive boutiques and start a very chic conversation.

I’m so ready. I’ve watched it three times and I already feel chic as shit. It’s like Muzzy for grownups (remember those video boxsets that taught kids second languages in the 90s? With creepy cartoon monsters?) except nothing like that.

Unfortunately, though, the video leaves out a handful of other names that I avoid bringing up in verbal conversation. Does anyone know how to say Doutzen Kroes without sounding awkward or ignorant? How about Leticia Birkheuer? Danijela Dimitrovska? Yamila Diaz-Rahi? High schools need to offer foreign language courses that just teach you how to pronounce the names of Victoria’s Secret Angels. I feel like that’s an oft-overlooked lifeskill that we really ought to prioritize in public school education.

Anyway, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go back to watching this video on a loop. My mouth still refuses to say “Ann Demeulemeester” correctly on the first try.

Via i-D / Photo: YouTube