Polo shirt is commonly worn during the Summer. It’s a refreshingly cool shirt to beat the heat wave. It’s a stylish shirt for casual days with shorts, cargos, and jeans. Some would even wear it with maybe white pants just to look cool and crisp to match the summer weather. Polo shirt is also the go-to shirt for golfing for Men who loves to play gold of course. So maybe we can conclude that a polo shirt is a summer shirt. However, it could also work for Fall. If you carefully pair the polo shirt with a few Fall key pieces, it will definitely work and pull off a stylish look to compliment the Fall weather.

polo-shirt-with a blazer

I’m using a Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirt as our basis here. Don’t be afraid to wear a blazer over the polo shirt. The darker the denim jeans, the better. If you want to wear a lighter color like this tan brown Lauren Ralph Lauren corduroy blazer then that’s good too. Tucked in or not? It depends on your comfort level or the time of the day. The blazer I used here is from John Varvatos. Lace-ups for footwear would be much preferred to give it that really “pulled together” look.


Another great example is by wearing this waister twill jacket from Kenneth Cole ($158) over the polo shirt. This one is a more laid back look with jeans that could also work as a travel look if paired with light brown pants. A corduroy fabric or even denim would do. Just don’t pair the latter with denim jeans of course. The light brown pants would be much better. the trick is the length of the jacket. Around the waist or top of the hip are the ideal lengths. In here you could get away with wearing a dark canvas sneakers like the classic Converse.

Another idea that you might want to venture into is a sweater over the polo shirt look. This one is a little tricky because a sweater would look chic over a collared button shirt accessorized with a necktie but I’m not to sure about the regular polo shirt. I’ll do it with my son but I don’t know about grown man. I sure don’t sound confident, do I? I think at this point, you need to consider your comfort level and own style. If you like it, go for it. Just be aware of the color of the pants and the shoes you’re going to wear it with. In any case, a polo shirt will definitely work for Fall season.

(Images : Nordstrom, Macy’s)(Guide : DETAILS Men’s Style Manual)