Apparently, today is Geek Pride Day. I know this, because Twitter told me so.

While the term “geek” probably conjures up images of some awkward kid at 13 stumbling through the hall of a high school hoping not to be harassed again by the “cool” kids, being a geek, at least as an adult, is far more cool. The day originated because a bunch of geeks in the geek world thought it would be great to “commemorate” the release of the first Stars Wars film which, in case you were unaware, came out on May 25th, 1977. That’s right, throw in Star Wars, and you’ve got your preface to “geek” culture.

Although I’ve never defined myself as a geek, especially because I just learned yesterday what Klingon is, I do consider myself somewhat of a dork. I’m not sure where my Dork Pride Day is, as they are clearly different now that Zooey Deschanel came along, but I like to think it exists. Perhaps, I’ll even start one. So there, geeks, the rest of us can play your pride day celebrations, too.

Please refer to the infographic above for further insight into this glorious day.