woman riding bike with dress

When you spend most of your life on the internet, sometimes it can feel like you’ve already seen it all. It’s always an exciting rush when something genuinely new comes along, and this fashionable life hack is adorable enough to restore your faith in the world. If you’ve ever tried to ride a bike while wearing a skirt (or even just walk around a crowded city on a windy day), you’ll love the Penny In Yo Pants trick.

Created by Johanna Holtan on Vimeo, Penny In Yo Pants is bound to spare thousands of women from flashing their inner bits to strangers on the street. It’s incredibly simple. Just place a penny on the back of your skirt, press the front and back of your skirt together, wrap a rubber band around the penny and the fabric, and let your new little bulge act as a makeshift button to keep your clothes from blowing all over the place. If that sounds confusing, just watch the video. It’s the easiest thing. (The video is beyond adorable, too, and I dare you to watch this group of friends bounce around and laugh without finding a huge smile on your own face.)

This invention is so brilliant that I keep thinking, like, A) Why didn’t anyone come up with this before? B) Why haven’t skirts always had buttons on them for exactly this purpose? C) Why haven’t I tried it yet?

Thank you, Penny In Yo Pants. Never again will I wear bike shorts under my dress, never again will I walk around with one hand between my legs to keep my skirt under control. You’ve brought new joy into my life.

Via Slate / Photo: Shutterstock