Are you a boot cut girl? Perhaps you prefer the flared look? Or maybe you’re like me and opt for the skinny jeans. Whatever your style preference, we can all agree that jeans are an essential part of our wardrobes. They can be dressed both up and down and are a comfortable clothing option.

You know what else they’re great for? DIY activities! If you’re about to toss out your old jeans, hold tight. Here’s a list of at- home remedies to save your old pairs:

  • Turn them into a skirt. I tried this last summer on an expensive pair with tattered bottoms and it worked out great. I was so happy that I didn’t have to part with them. Use your favorite color thread for a personal touch.
  • Make a bag. This video demonstrates how to make a cute clutch. It’s perfect to throw your makeup in so you don’t damage your purse, or you can use it as a coin purse.
  • Bedazzle. Sparkles are so hard to resist. Just try not to get carried away. Promise?
  • Make holes on purpose. This trick is perfect for ribbon entusiasts, and it’s so simple.
  • Create an iPod case. Use the pockets on your old jeans to create a safe space for your gadgets.

What do you do with your old jeans, Gloss readers?