True love should not be regulated for just humans or animals. I show my love for pizza every chance I get, and each time it’s a beautiful, moving moment that involves words like “forever” and phrases like “no one will ever replace you.”

This year marks the 42nd Earth Day, a day created in 1970 by a Wisconsin U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson. After witnessing the destruction of the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara and being inspired by the all the anti-war movements of the time, the need for change was in the air. As human beings was have long taken advantage of our beautiful Earth and not respected it for just how lucky we are to have it.

Since that very first Earth Day, the concept has spread like wild fire and now 115 countries worldwide participate. Although we should all be living a green lifestyle everyday, if not for our beloved earth but for the generations that follow so they, it can sometimes be hard depending on where you live. If you have an hour long commute to work by car, it’s kind of difficult to ask you to ride your bike instead, and if public transportation isn’t an option, then again, you just can’t swing it.

However, on this Earth Day, let’s make as many changes as possible to how we live our lives and respect the Earth. Hopefully what you do today can carry over into daily habits. So let’s show the Earth some mass amount of love, and fashionably so. All together now: “I love you, Earth.”