Dressing for the new season can be a challenge. In the morning, it is one temperature then by the afternoon, it is totally different. Then there are all of those supposed style rules about what you can and cannot wear after Labor Day. It can all get downright confusing. That’s why we called on celebrity stylist and Hollywood film costume designer Leesa Evans to help us figure things out. Read on to find out Leesa’s tips on how to master trans-seasonal dressing.

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The Gloss: What is the easiest trick for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall?

Leesa Evans: Color is the easiest way to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. Often in early fall, it’s still quite hot and just putting together lightweight looks with darker tones can set the tone for the season.

TG: What’s your advice for dealing with days where the weather starts off cold in the morning but gets really hot by the afternoon?

LE: Light layers are key for transitional weather. Wear your lightest piece at the base so you can peel off layers to stay cool in afternoon heat.

TG: What’s a great transitional outfit for work?

LE: I am a big fan of transitional dressing. It’s the perfect time for almost any combo of black and white, or black and cream. With that color combo, you’ll always feel super stylish.

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TG: How can you make accessories work for your trans-seasonal look?

LE: Your shoe and bag choice can really help transition season to season flawlessly. I personally pull out my favorite black Margiela open toe booties and black vintage Gucci bag and suddenly even my cream skirt says “fall.”

TG: What’s a mistake that people make with trans-seasonal dressing?

LE: The only mistake is not making the change to your fall wardrobe because the weather still says summer. This is where the light fabrics in dark tones really saves the day.

TG: Do you believe there are pieces that are too summery to be worn into fall, or can anything work if it’s styled right?

LE: I feel anything can work if it’s styled right. So much of deciding what fall look to wear depends on the temperature. It’s stylish to throw in a cute silk neck scarf to mimic a turtleneck or a fall heeled loafer with a cuffed jean or pant.