The long awaited and much talked about Girls will be premiering tonight on HBO at 1030pm. Although reviews have been mixed, the majority of critics have had endlessly great things to say about the show. They’re also praising the writer, director and star of it, Lena Dunham as something of a wunderkind. The media loves to find themselves a new wunderkind from time to time so they can eventually give them the flattering, but usually short-lived title of being the “It” person of the moment. Dunham is on her way to being the “It” girl of 2012.

Although the comparisons between Girls and Sex and the City are inevitable with Dunham’s character Hannah also being a writer like Carrie Bradshaw who, is actually old enough to be her mom, it’s not exactly as glamorous as the SATC gang and their ridiculously expensive apartments, wardrobe and lifestyles. As the Boston Globe points out “it’s a sort of angsty, indie, younger, poorer take on Sex and the City, as we tag along in the lives of four very different 20-something female friends.” Another difference is instead of living in the fancy neighborhoods of Manhattan, they’re out in Greenpoint, Brooklyn — a fantastically cool neighborhood that’s yet to be entirely infiltrated by the hipsters of Williamsburg or Bushwick. You would have never seen Carrie and company move out to Greenpoint, which actually would have made the show more exciting if they had.

As with the six seasons of Sex and the City that had women and their friends huddled around the TV every Sunday night to watch the drama and comedy unfold with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, Girls is probably going to end up creating a similar Sunday night tradition for a new generation of “girls.” It’s the generation of us who are lost, trying to find love, experiencing less than perfect one night stands and doing our best to make ends meet — all of it without fucking Manolo Blahniks on our feet. And with Dunham behind the script you can guarantee wit, brilliant comedy, self-deprecation and zero fear of exposing the sometimes humiliating parts of our lives. Honestly, we’re probably in for one hell of a good time.

So how should we all prepare for tonight’s big premiere? With some very important elements, of course! And don’t worry, if you need to identify with a character on TV, as 80% of us did with Sex and the City; I’m sure after episode one, you’ll be able to do that. I’ve already decided I’m a Hannah.