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Crop tops have been back in style for a few years now and for the time being, they’re here to stay. Itty bitty versions of normal tops might seem difficult to pull off, but they’re surprisingly versatile and can look good on anyone. Before you completely write off crop tops as a garment worn by trend zombies and members of Quinn Morgendorffer’s fashion club, keep in mind that there are all sorts of different kinds of crop tops to wear and all sorts of different ways to wear them. No matter who you are or what your personal aesthetic is, there’s a way for you to feel good in a crop top.

If you’re intimidated by wearing a somewhat shrunken shirt, here are 25 tips to help you wear a crop top for the very first time.

1. Pair it with a high waisted bottom garment.The Worst Dressed List Of The 2014 Met Gala Had All Your Favorite Fashion Disasters Just because your shirt is short, doesn’t mean you have to expose your belly button. Matching a crop top with high waisted pants or a skirt can minimize and even eliminate any midriff shown.

2. Try a loose fitting style. If a cropped and tight top might make you feel anxious about how much body you’re showing, a trapeze style is the solution. Pair it with a tighter fitting skirt, shorts or pair of pants to keep your look balanced.

3. Top your outfit with a cardigan or an unbuttoned shirt. Layering will make you feel more put together and covered up.

4. Try a collared cropped blouse if a cropped t-shirt feels to casual. You can button it up all the way to balance your outfit’s proportions and make the cropped look more business friendly.

5. Long sleeves or high necklines are another way to keep yourself covered. There’s something very sexy about a crop top that keeps other parts under wraps.

6. Try one as a beach cover-up. A loose fitting cropped tee or hippie dippy number are the perfect items to throw over your bathing suit during a trip to the beach. You’re already getting some sun, so it’s a perfect opportunity to experiment.

7. Keep it simple for a more subtle look. Cropped styles are attention grabbing enough, you don’t need to stray from a solid color and go crazy with patterns.

8. Accessorize with a long pendant necklace. A long chain will add balance by drawing the eye down and elongate a torso that’s shortened by a crop top.

9. Wear a maxi skirt. A long skirt and crop top combination is a fun spring look that doesn’t go overboard in terms of coverage.

10. Try a lacy or crochet style or even a crop top with decorative embellishments. Crop tops can be feminine and even formal with delicate fabrics, embroidery or glitzy jewels.

11. Go for a fully 90s look. Channel Kelly Kaposwki, the patron saint of crop tops, with an early 90s throwback outfit.

12. Go sporty. Lorde recently wore a sports bra as a shirt; with the right layers, that look can be wearable in real life. you can also try a high neck, raglan, varsity, spandex, or racer back crop to give your outfit an athletic vibe.

13. Tie up a button down for a DIY crop top. You don’t have to go out and buy a new shirt or cut up an old one. Just leave a couple bottom buttons undone and knot the bottom part of a flannel, chambray or classic button down to bring it up to your waist.

14. Layer a cropped sweater over a long shirt. clueless crop topYou can get in on the trend and dip your toes in the crop top lifestyle by wearing a chunky cropped sweater over a dress or long blouse.

15. Striped crop tops look good on everyone. I’m serious. Forget any style rules you’ve ever heard. Wear a striped crop top, you won’t look “wide” or whatever, you’ll just look nautical or new wave.

16. Wear it with shorts.broad city crop top Depending on the crop top and the shorts, you can go for the full festival look or look rather polished. If it’s not warm enough yet for bare legs, wear tights under your hot pants!

17. Keep proportions in check with a voluminous mini skirt. Outfits made up of tight crop tops and circle or skater skirts are everywhere because they look good.

18. Or match with a pencil skirt. An outfit comprised of a crop top and a pencil skirt screams “barracuda.” Don’t be intimidated by this look because you’ll look intimidatingly powerful in it.

19. Pleated skirts look killer too. Hello Liv Tyler in Empire Records! For such a bold look, it’s somehow timeless.

20. Wear a crop top under overalls or a jumper. You can test out two trends at once by putting a crop top under a set of overalls. The overalls will keep you covered and the crop top will keep you from looking like a farmer.

21. Wear the same pattern on top and on the bottom.floral crop top A floral top with the same floral bottom would be overwhelming if the top wasn’t cropped. The truncated top breaks up the pattern so you don’t look like a couch.

22. Keep it simple and casual in black jeans. Sometimes being a bit utilitarian is the most fashionable thing to be.

23. Remember that fashion is playful. Wear silly patterns, bright colors or fuzzy textures. It’s just clothing! Be weird about it.

24. Get comfy. Crop tops don’t have to be overtly sexy. You can wear them to keep cool in warmer weather and stay unencumbered by excess fabric.

25. Remember that all body types can rock crop tops.

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You don’t need to be skinny or ripped to rock this look, crop tops look good on all bodies.

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