I realized that I have never posted about a cowboy hat for summer.  Even though they are at every hat store at the beach and one of the most recognizable styles of hat, I think that it’s actually pretty difficult to pull off the look.  If you work too hard on your outfit it could like a Halloween costume and if you just throw it on you could look like Britney Spears on one of her bad days.

If you are a cowboy hat kind of girl then you probably already know what works for you.  If you do like this look but have been wondering how to wear it,  then I have some ideas on how to make the cowboy hat stylish.

Image: Shopbop

Image: Shopbop

Bop Basics Cowboy Hat with Leather Band $80

  • Do get a straw crushable cowboy hat made for women.  It will be small and fit tightly to your head with a short brim.  These are more like “cowboy hat inspired” hats because they’re not like the real thing that big cowboys in Texas wear.
  • Do wear your hair down.  I would suggest a messy tousled beach hair look, so try using a texturizer or spritz some hair spray on long strands and scrunch them.
  • Don’t dress in a cowboy theme.  This will definitely give you the Halloween look!  Unless you have real experience on a farm, you probably won’t want to do this.  No cowboy boots, checkered shirts, or overalls!
  • Do try a casual boyish look.  Again, you don’t want to go overboard with daisy dukes or a short skirt with a tiny tank or you will look like Britney Spears.  I would wear loose-fitting distressed jeans, a colored cotton V-neck tee, and flats.

I wouldn’t say that cowboy hats are “in” right now, but with the right look it can definitely work for a casual beachy vibe.