selena-gomez-sexy-leatherIf you love wearing leather (real or faux) because it makes you feel edgy and like you may-or-may-not drive a motorcycle, there’s no need to give up your favorite fabric just because it is summer. You should probably give your biker jacket a rest but you can wear other pieces in the summer without sweating buckets. You don’t need to limit yourself to just leather accessories. Selena Gomez recently wore a leather crop top and leather pants and she’s also rocked a cutout leather dress for a breathable-but-warm-weather-appropriate look.

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Check out outfit ideas for how to wear leather in the warmer weather:

1. Festival TopLeather Summer Top

Who says that you have to stick with black leather? Bold colors or lighter neutrals are perfect for summer. For an easy festival outfit, go for a relaxed bohemian vibe.

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2. Going Out Motorcycle VestLeather Summer Vest

A motorcycle-inspired vest is a lot cooler than your beloved biker jacket. Instead of keeping it casual, dress it up with a fancy pencil skirt, heels and statement accessories.

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3. Mix-And-Match Leather ShortsLeather Summer Shorts

Leather shorts aren’t meant to only be worn in the fall with tights. Show off your legs and pair your leather shorts with pieces that contrast the tough biker details such as a loose white blouse or sporty slip-ons.

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4. Casual Leather SkirtLeather Summer Skirt

A leather skirt works as well as a pair of leather shorts in the warmer weather. Style your leather skirt like you would your denim one. If you can find one in a bold color, it’ll look fresh.

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5. Feminine Leather Bra TopLeather Summer Bra Top

If you get hot and sweaty in a t-shirt, a leather bra top will keep you cool. Pair it with a full skirt and red lipstick for a feminine and flirty daytime look.

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6. Work-Appropriate Leather Trim DressLeather Summer Work Dress

If you classify yourself as a very hot-blooded person, try a top or dress with leather trim. If you choose a classic sheath dress, it can be a great work-appropriate summer outfit.

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(Photo: Donato Sardella/Getty Images)