Yellow Dress Floral HeadbandPastels are as much a part of spring as flowers and rain boots. As much as we love pastel flowers, cupcakes and nail polishes, we are sometimes hesitant to try pastel-colored clothing. It’s not just because we’re worried about staining them, it’s because we’re concerned that they will make use look too juvenile or like a massive macaroon. Don’t avoid pastels, they’re too pretty. You can definitely wear them and look chic and not like some sugary confection.

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Here are 7 ways to wear pastels that don’t make you look like a walking Easter egg:

1. Pastel Motorcycle JacketPastel Motorcycle Jacket

Get the look:

If you buy a motorcycle jacket you probably always choose a black one. You may not even realize they come in different colors. If you’re worried about pastels looking too sugary sweet, choose a pastel biker jacket. The silhouette will always have a bit of edge whether it comes in black, pale yellow or sky blue.

2. Pastel AccessoriesPastel Accessories

Get the look:

If you prefer just a pop of pastels, try adding in the soft macaroon colors with your accessories–and your nails. Just remember to give your shoes and bag a liberal coating of protective spray and to be extra careful with red wine.

3. Date Night PastelsDate Night Pastels

Get the look:

You can get away with head-to-toe pastels if you choose the right silhouettes. The sexy tank top shows enough skin to prevent you looking like a walking cupcake. The rose gold accessories enhance the pink tones of the outfit but aren’t matchy-matchy.

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4. Pastel CoatPastel Coat

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Channel Kate Middleton with a soft-colored coat. You can pair your coat with a classic shift dress like the Duchess, or try a trendy jumpsuit. Adorable toddler prince and a group of royal handlers are optional.

5. Work PastelsWork Pastels

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Some people like to stick with black, brown and navy at the office because those project seriousness and authority while pastels can sometimes be seen as juvenile. Stick with one pastel and choose a minimalist silhouette. You’ll still look work-appropriate but you’ll probably feel a bit happier thanks to the hint of color.

6. Printed Pastel RomperPastel Printed Romper

Get the look:

If you’re hesitant about wearing pastels, a floral print is a good way to test out the trend. Look for a piece with a range of colors. Trial the trend with your usual dark or neutral accessories. When you get comfortable, you can play up the lighter shades in the print with your shoes and bag.

7. Pastel Lace SkirtPastel Lace Skirt

Get the look:

You may think that pastel lace only works on nightgowns or baby clothing but if you choose a timeless silhouette, such as a pencil skirt, and pair it with modern, minimalist pieces, it works. It helps if you choose a sexy skirt with a sheer hem.

(Photo: Ann Haritonenko/Shutterstock)